Monthly Archives: September 2020

5 Reasons that Motivate People to Be Entrepreneurs

Let’s talk business real quick. What is it that drives someone to put their finances, happiness, and youths on the line just to become entrepreneurs? If their venture goes belly...... Read More

The Difference Between Equipment Financing and Leasing

When opening a new business, whether it’s a restaurant or an office space, one of the most burdensome expenses is the equipment. Without equipment, you don’t have a business, but...... Read More

Best Financing Options for Franchises

Getting into business by choosing among many franchises available to buy-into is a popular avenue for ambitious entrepreneurs across America. Of course, any business start-up requires financing, and buying franchises...... Read More

5 Branding Mistakes To Avoid

When you think about iconic brands, you think about iconic images. Consider Coca-Cola and Nike. If you’re a small business owner, imagining the amount of money and effort going into...... Read More

7 Barriers to Listening that Hurts Leadership

Communication is a skill every leader needs. Often, we forget that half of communication is listening. Good leadership means you hear what others are saying. Are you listening effectively or...... Read More