Monthly Archives: October 2020

Disaster Relief Tips to Get Your Business Through a Disaster

Statistics show that many small businesses are unable to recover after a natural disaster. This makes it essential for business owners to implement strategies for disaster relief to help their businesses survive and recover from the chaos and damage in... Read More

How to Get Your Startup Finances in Order

Starting a business can be challenging. The crucial thing is to get it off on the right footing. Legal errors, organizational structure mistakes, and financial missteps can cause wasted time, wasted resources, and cause other issues for an aspiring startup.... Read More

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Receive Financing with Bad Credit

As a female business owner, it’s likely that you have faced some type of discrimination when it comes to obtaining commercial financing. Not only are women approved for business loans less often than men, but they also receive less when... Read More

Tips for Maximizing Team Morale During Rough Patches

In times of difficulty, high team morale can imbue the workplace with dynamism, energy, and enthusiasm, while low morale leads to unhappiness, decreased confidence, and an energy drain. It takes effective leadership skills to keep morale positive in the midst... Read More