From when small businesses first start up through various stages of growth, accurate bookkeeping is essential. You need to have a precise ongoing assessment of the state of your finances, including accounts receivables, expenses for marketing and other requirements, and debt management. Here are some accounting strategies that can help your company thrive and grow.

Determine a Minimum Goal for Monthly Profit

Calculate the standard expenses and other obligations you incur each month and determine how much income you will require in order to meet them. Set this amount as a minimum monthly goal, and be strict with your finances to be sure you don’t fail to meet it.

Have a Reliable System for Collecting Receivables Payments

It is always a positive thing to obtain abundant orders for your products and services, but until your clients pay you can’t count your accounts receivables as income. Be diligent in collecting on-time payments from clients. Withhold further goods or services from customers who have not paid their bills.

Keep Records of Daily Expenses

Diligence in recording expenses on a day to day basis is crucial. Only by keeping accurate daily and weekly records will you have the information you need to be able to budget your company’s expenses for the coming weeks.

Maintain Separate Accounts of Incoming Funds

If you are like most small business owners, you will sometimes need outside funding to strengthen your cash flow in the form of loans, lines of credit, or other means of financing. Keep your accounting of this borrowed money separate from the records of payments from accounts receivables so that you understand what you need to pay back and what is clear income.

Obtain Expert Help

Entrepreneurs often handle their own accounting in the early stages of business growth. However, your finances will eventually get to a point of complexity at which the assistance of a professional bookkeeper is advisable. You can either take on someone full-time or hire an accountant on a part time basis. Alternatively, if you are determined to do it yourself, invest in cutting-edge accounting software.

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