For the entrepreneur, energy and enthusiasm is crucial for success. However, remaining positive and forward-looking are learned skills, not traits. Below are seven tips to increase your productivity.

1. Exercise Often

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably spend a lot of your time sitting or on the phone. With regular exercise, you can both enhance your mood and relieve stress, leaving you better prepared to take even the most difficult calls. If your schedule doesn’t allow for long workout sessions, that’s okay. Taking a leisurely evening walk or occasional bike ride can greatly affect your overall productivity.

2. Engage in Quality Learning

If you want to succeed among the millions of other entrepreneurs out there, immersing yourself in relevant, motivating literature can help. Read works that make you feel inspired, not stifled.

3. Multitask

Time is one of your most precious resources, so spend it wisely. By finding opportunities to complete two tasks simultaneously, you’ll get more done in a day. However, avoid negatively splitting your energy by multitasking only when your split focus will not detract from either projects.

4. Do the Boring Stuff First

You’ll only stifle your productivity by dragging your feet. Bite the bullet. Get your least appealing task done first. This way, you’ll avoid the guilt of not having done what you should have, which can severely affect your drive.

5. Be Discerning About the Meetings You Take

It can be easy to fall into the trap of too many conferences, especially as your company begins to flourish. While you may be tempted to continue devoting your time to meetings, know there are a number of other ways to stay informed that don’t require your full attention or actual presence. Be selective about the meetings you take to avoid wasting your energy on unnecessary, time-consuming chit chat.

6. Avoid Getting Bogged Down in Emails

Just as tiresome as meetings, emails can be another big time waster. While it’s important to stay informed, it’s just as crucial for you to avoid excessive email checks and replies. By simply checking your email a few times a day, you can remain in the loop without feeling tethered to your inbox.

7. Embrace Technology

Today’s social media platforms can do wonders for your brand, so use them. Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat are excellent avenues for networking.

Staying on task can be a struggle, but it isn’t impossible. By utilizing a few of these tips, your chances of success will increase.