Statistics show that many small businesses are unable to recover after a natural disaster. This makes it essential for business owners to implement strategies for disaster relief to help their businesses survive and recover from the chaos and damage in disaster’s wake. Here are some tips to help your company accomplish this.

Schedule Disaster Drills

For the sake of your business and especially of the safety of your employees, consider all the ramifications of possible disasters and plan ahead for them. Conduct rehearsals of how every member of your team should react when disaster strikes.

Safeguard Your Records

To ensure the safety of your important documents, make digital copies of them and store them in the cloud. If it is vital that you retain hard copies, keep them in a disaster-proof safe or a separate location. Remember that even if you have backed up your records, recovering them in the aftermath of a disaster and reorganizing your business will take time. If you have lost some of your records, reach out to vendors and bankers for invoices, contracts, and other documents to help you fill in the gaps.

Assume Leadership

Decisive leadership is imperative in disaster relief situations. In emergencies, there may not be time to call for a consensus. Remember that the safety, health, and well being of your employees should always be your top concern. During cleanup efforts, be sure that personnel have protective equipment and get enough nutrition and rest.

Assess Damage

Before you and your employees reenter your building and resume operations, be sure that it is safe to do so. Check for flood and electrical damage. As you go through your disaster relief recovery process, keep track of everything you spend, including repair costs, additional hours your employees work during cleanup efforts, and lost income as a result of the disaster.

Have the Right Insurance Coverage

Before disasters hit, check your insurance to be sure that there are no gaps in your coverage. Look for an agent that specializes in business protection and get a second opinion. After a disaster, consider your repair options before contacting your insurance provider.

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