Accounts Receivable Financing

What You Should Know About Accounts Receivable Financing

Have you ever thought it would be nice to sell your outstanding accounts receivable invoices for cash? If so, you’re in luck, because Evolt Capital purchases discounted receivable invoices from companies like yours. We understand that it can become burdensome for companies to collect funds from invoices that haven’t been paid in 90 days or longer. We’d love to take some of that burden off your hands, and pay you in the process.

How the Program Works

Our financing receivables program works by allowing you to sell an asset (your receivable invoices) to us at a discount. We’ll pay you cash within 24 hours for the invoices. Here are some additional program details:

  • No fixed payments required
  • Flexible funding that increases when your receivables increase
  • Credit insurance on your clients at no additional cost to you
  • No personal guarantees or recourse

We have experience financing all types of businesses in this manner. This program is popular because it gives business owners the opportunity to get their hands on needed cash without taking out a traditional loan or incurring more debt.

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