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Do you need equipment but keep putting it off because you don’t have the money? Evolt Capital has good news for you. You can easily afford the equipment you need right now if you finance it instead of paying for it all at once. Our equipment financing program makes it possible for you to start using the equipment you need right away, without spending your entire annual budget on it.

Our Programs

We have several different equipment leasing and financing programs, which means you’re more likely to find a program that perfectly matches your needs. Here are your options.

  • Second Chance Programs: These programs give people with B, C or D credit profiles an opportunity to get equipment. If you know your credit is too poor for traditional loan approval, this program is a great alternative.
  • Government and Municipal Programs: Government and municipal entities frequently come to us for equipment financing because they know they’re guaranteed approval through our program. We commonly finance equipment for federal and state government agencies, as well as public schools, armed services and police departments.
  • Startup Programs: Business less than two years old are encouraged to apply for our startup financing program. This program helps new businesses gain access to all types of equipment necessary for growth.
  • Sale and Lease Back Program: This unique program gives businesses an “out” if they spend more money than they can afford on equipment. If you find yourself in this boat, ask us about our sale and lease back program. Through this program, you have the opportunity to sell us any or all of your equipment. You’ll still have full use of the equipment, because you’ll lease it back from us with low monthly payments. Ultimately, you’ll own the equipment again once the terms of our agreement are met.

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There’s no need to put a strain on your financial situation when you can finance the equipment your business needs. Contact us today to fill out an application.

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