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We Offer Excellent Financing Programs for Healthcare Practices

At Evolt Capital, we greatly respect and admire the doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who serve their communities all around the world. We are honored to provide healthcare financing that can help struggling practices remain in operation. If uncertain economic times are forcing you to consider the options of closing your doors or seeking financial help, we hope you’ll choose the latter. We structure our healthcare and medical financing loans to be as generous as possible while meeting all the specific needs healthcare practices face.

Program Details

Our healthcare financing is commonly used as a source of working capital for struggling practices or for those who need extra money to expand and grow their practices. Term details include:

  • Loan terms up to 72 months
  • No reporting to personal credit bureaus
  • No upfront payment requirements

You’ll only need to fill out an application if you intend to apply for a loan of $75,000 or less. If your practice requires more than that, submit your full financials along with your application. Once approved, you have the option to consolidate debt, acquire or merge with another practice, or simply build up your working capital.

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If you’d like more details about this generous program, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our financial representatives will give you further information about how this program can benefit you.

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