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Like many companies, your business depends on presold merchandise or finished goods. Providing excellent quality, value and service is always your top priority, so you need a flexible funding option when cash flow issues make it difficult to get your goods shipped. Evolt Capital’s purchase order financing is the ideal solution for wholesalers, producers, distributors and resellers. Whether your business handles imports, exports or domestic production, our P.O. financing can help you solve your immediate funding challenges and focus on operations.

How Our P.O. Financing Works

We’ve made paying your suppliers incredibly simple. P.O. financing is an effective short-term solution that uses a very simple model. Our company provides the capital upfront to pay your suppliers, which avoids depleting your cash reserves or failing to deliver orders. After we’ve paid your suppliers and your orders ship, you invoice your customers as normal. We collect payment, deduct our fees and send you the remaining balance. This fast and simple method offers other great advantages for qualifying businesses:

  • No long-term debt or equity impacts
  • On-time customer deliveries
  • Growing your market share

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With our purchase order financing, you’re in a much better position to fulfill large or unexpected customer orders. This fast and flexible funding is an excellent tool for meeting short-term funding needs and helping your company grow. Talk to our certified financial specialists today to get started or learn more.

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