Green initiatives are everywhere with city, state, and even federal initiatives. From tax breaks for businesses that are trying to reduce their footprint to national sustainable development plans for net-zero carbon emissions, businesses are going green with commercial and consumer projects. Additionally, government agencies are hiring clean energy contractors for public works to reduce waste and carbon emissions while finding new ways to keep the lights on and the water flowing. The one thing all these clean energy projects need is capital for everything from research and development to deployment.

What Is Clean Energy Financing

Clean energy financing is designed for various large green projects, such as hydroelectric, wind power, concentrated solar power, wave power, and even bog solar projects with storage that can be diverted or used as a backup in case of an emergency or power outage. Clean energy falls into three major categories:

  • Large Green Projects: Evolt Capital finances large clean energy projects ranging from $5 million to over $1 billion.
  • Commercial Real Estate and Manufacturing Projects: Large commercial real estate and manufacturing projects can get clean energy financing at $20 million. We offer this funding program for domestic as well as international green projects.
  • Jumbo Revolving Lines of Credit: Evolt Capital provides robust lines of credit starting at $100 million that let commercial real estate investors, developers, and businesses draw from a reliable source of funding instead of taking out multiple loans to cover their needs.

Why Use Clean Energy Financing?

Most clean energy project call for funding that exceeds the limits of traditional lending vehicles. Additionally, banks and other lenders understand conventional needs. Clean energy projects – especially large ones – are still perceived as high-risk, so businesses, manufacturers, commercial real estate investors, and developers frequently face high turndown rates. Evolt Capital takes a different approach. Our team has years of experience working on large, green, and clean energy projects, so we deeply understand the capital needs to ensure success at every step. If you need financing for a clean energy project, contact Evolt Capital today.