Banks understand that the key to success is building long-term relationships with clients. However, when clients have needs that are outside the portfolio of what the bank offers, or if a client falls before the minimum requirements to access loan or credit programs, a turndown can place that relationship at risk. Fortunately, there are ways to preserve relationships between banks and their clients while keeping them from seeking financing from another source.

Clients Who No Longer Fit Lending Criteria

There are times when business clients may fall below the lending criteria of the bank. Credit scores drop; they may not have the minimum collateral required for loans; or they may simply reach the lending limit for their accounts. In the face of a possible turndown, clients may look elsewhere for the funds they need. In some cases, those clients may come up against more aggressive lenders looking to build their own portfolios and start building relationships with them, even if those lenders do not have the best interests of the clients in mind.

Clients with Unique Requests

The other situation that can compromise a relationship between a bank and a client is when the client has needs that cannot be met through the bank’s lending programs. Equity financing for commercial real estate, unsecured business lines of credit, equipment leasing, A/R solutions and more may be a better fit for the client, but because the bank does not offer those programs, the relationship can become strained and the client may start looking elsewhere for answers.

Preserving Relationships with Clients

One of the easiest ways for bank lenders to preserve their relationships with clients is to expand offerings with programs that are inclusive of the needs of those clients who may not qualify for loans or those who are seeking unique solutions that fall outside of traditional lending programs. At Evolt Capital, we provide solutions for commercial banks and Special Asset Divisions to help them preserve relationships with business clients. We offer a wide array of solutions that banks can offer their clients, such as commercial real estate financing for all classes, business lines of credit, term loans, and more. We also work directly with banks and bank lenders so their clients do not look for solutions outside of the existing relationship. To learn more about our programs, contact Evolt Capital today.