Clean energy projects are more than simply installing a few solar panels and calling it a day. Clean energy projects are transformative, reducing emissions and leveraging alternatives to petroleum that change businesses, cities, and entire regions of the country while reducing overall costs in the long run. To carry out a clean energy project, businesses, developers, and government contractors need ample financing.

Finding Funding for Large Clean Energy Projects

In theory, banks and other lenders should be eager to provide funding for large clean energy projects. After all, these projects have a big payoff for everyone, and they are usually tied to a government initiative, or a plan laid out by a larger company or network of businesses. Unfortunately, there are two big obstacles facing clean energy projects when it comes to funding. First, banks and other lenders still view clean energy projects as risky, so they are hesitant to approve funding. The second obstacle is that lenders have limits on the amount of financing they can provide to a borrower. Since large clean energy projects require more funding than lenders can offer, the result is usually a bunch of different loans sewn together, each with its interest rate and monthly payment. All this does is create unnecessary headaches for project accountants, while also eating into budgets because balance installments start a month or two after the loans are secured.

Financing Designed for Large Clean Energy Projects

Fortunately, there are funding options designed specifically for large clean energy projects. Evolt Capital is a leader in clean energy financing for projects in the United States and abroad. We offer jumbo revolving lines of credit for large clean energy projects, so funding can be drawn as needed. We also offer loans and other programs that provide up to $1 billion and above for large clean energy projects. We support the goals of green projects, so we offer the financing necessary to see them to completion. If you need financing for your large clean energy projects, contact the team at Evolt Capital today.