It’s estimated that truckers can spend about 30% of their operating budget on fuel. One tank of diesel can cost more than a car payment. Every extra mile you can get on the road reduces your overall costs. Here are a few ways truckers can save money on fuel.

Monitor Tire Pressure  

Underinflated tires cause your MPG to drop. Check your tire pressure regularly to make sure your tires are inflated properly. Not only will you save fuel, but you’ll make your tires last longer.

Avoid Idling  

Idling for one hour takes about one gallon of fuel. In some states, idling for more than a few minutes can get you a fine. You may not be able to avoid all idling, but when you can, you’ll save money.

Follow the Speed Limit  

Lower your speed to 55 mph because at higher speeds, you’ll lose fuel economy. Use cruise control when you can to minimize fuel consumption. Use the momentum of hills to coast without being on the gas pedal.

Pay Attention on the Road  

Using high gears can save fuel. Reducing gear changes can also keep from eating up fuel. Pay attention to the road conditions and minimize your need to speed up and slow down to reduce fuel consumption.

Shop Around for Your Fill-Up  

When you only fill up 10-20 gallons in car, a few pennies may not make a big deal. When you’re filling up 120 gallons or more, shopping around for the best price on fuel can save you a lot more money over the year. Use an app like Trucker Path to get fuel prices.

Position Cargo Well  

Create as little resistance as possible on your truck. Secure cargo low and even when possible. The more drag, the more fuel you burn.

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