Your office or workplace can be a hub for productivity; are there influences that are impeding your progress? Reinvigorate the team and increase productivity with some tips from entrepreneurs and business owners.

Is your office killing your productivity? Here are some factors to consider:

Lighting Sets the Tone

What is the lighting like in your workspace? A bright, but not too glaring, light can improve mood and elevate energy. Bright light can also counter the effects of blue light from technological devices. Natural light is best so open windows and take advantage of the sun.

White Noise Can Help

White noise helps to drown out the sounds of traffic, conversations, or the office when trying to focus on work. An ambient noise can cover up these unexpected disturbances, creating a din that is soothing and predictable.

Soothe the Souls at Work

An alternative to white noise is music. Keeping music at a low volume at work can have a positive impact on productivity, and many employees report that it is conducive to their performance.

Improve the Air

Never underestimate the importance of air quality in the workplace. Focus on ample circulation and ventilation to provide cleaner air for those working in the office. Fresh air is refreshing and restorative; provide this with a decent filtration system and clean air filters regularly.

Create a Comfortable Climate

Set the thermostat to create a comfortable climate that is neither too warm or too chilly. Reports show that the perfect temperature, according to those studied, is around 71-degrees Fahrenheit. Finding the right temp may be a process of trial and error.

Add Some Color

What color is your office? If your office is painted too boldly, it could be agitating and distracting for your staff. For a calm and relaxed vibe, go with shades of blue; to increase productivity, choose green.

Plants Bring Life 

Plants breathe life into offices and workplaces. Employees report that they enjoy plants at work, while studies show that keeping plants in the office can increase productivity by nearly 15%.

How is your office’s productivity? If you want to learn more about improving your company’s bottom line, it may require the distinct skills of a professional. Consult with the team at Evolt Capital to get what you need to help your business thrive and succeed.