Large balance financing is designed for big or innovative projects that require funding between $10 million and $5+ billion to reach completion. But how does large balance financing work, how is it structured, and what sets it apart from all other lending vehicles?

Large Balance Financing vs. Loans

Loans have limits based on collateral, credit ratings, and even internal maximum amounts that banks and other lenders can offer to borrowers. For large projects, borrowers are either pushed to the sidelines or they are forced to cobble together funding from a bunch of different sources to raise the capital they need, resulting in multiple balances owed to different entities at different interest rates, and mountains of debt.

Large balance financing provides funding for big projects from a single source. Whether a project calls for millions or billions of dollars, large balance financing can cover the capital stack so borrowers do not need to scramble to pull together the funding they need.

How Is Large Balance Financing Structured

Large projects do better without banks micromanaging every use of capital or hounding borrowers for payments. Large balance financing from Evolt Capital takes a different approach. Our large balance financing is structured as a line of credit, so there are interest-only payments based on what you draw, not the total amount offered. Additionally, we offer much more flexibility because our large balance financing does not have any draw inspections or syndication requirements. There are also no arbitrary loan board decisions or strange internal limitations, so we can provide the amount you need for your large projects.

Financing for Every Sector, Domestically and Internationally

Traditional lenders cannot provide large-balance financing for domestic projects, much less international ones. Large balance financing from Evolt Capital can be used for big projects right here in the United States, as well as internationally. We also can provide financing for large projects in sectors that banks and other lenders have arbitrary restrictions against funding, such as gaming resorts and casinos, cannabis businesses, and many others. We have the resources and capacity to finance large projects that exceed the limitations and restrictions of other lenders.

If you need financing for your next project, contact Evolt Capital today and ask about our large balance financing program.