The prosperity of a business depends in large part upon the happiness of its personnel. When employees are satisfied and feel empowered, they are more likely to do their best work, treat customers well, and remain with the company long term. Here are some tips on how you as their leader and manager can accomplish this.

Adjust Your Style

Instead of rigidly imposing your leadership style upon your team members, find out what works best for them. Remember that they are all distinctly different individuals with unique personalities. Some are extroverts while others are introverts; they have disparate talents and come from diverse backgrounds. By tempering your style to meet their needs, you will earn their respect.

Show Personal Concern

Taking a personal interest in your employees encourages and motivates them. You can do this by making the time to ask about their home life and sharing stories about your own. When you get to know them better and express concern and care about their individual situations, they will respond with greater loyalty and enhanced productivity.

Be Clear with Your Expectations

If you want your employees to exceed expectations, you not only need to set clear goals, but you also need to explain why their own individual contributions are important. Help them to see the big picture and what part they play in it. Check in on them regularly to be sure they are staying on track. If difficulties arise, speak to them privately, but if they achieve success, let everyone know.

Remain Available

As a conscientious leader, remain available to your team members to assist them in times of need. Be ready to answer questions and open to feedback and ideas. Keep a balance between helping them and stepping aside to let them get their jobs done. Look for opportunities to help them grow. For instance, when you are making a presentation, you may be able to offer them the chance to assist you by co-presenting.

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