Large development and ground-up construction projects require ample funding at every step. Permits, materials, equipment, contractors, construction teams, and more are not inexpensive, and a disruption in finances can cause delays or worse. At the same time, banks and other lenders have limits on the amount of funding they can offer to borrowers, regardless of how profitable a large project will be once it is completed.

Loans and Limitations

Up until now, funding a large project required going to multiple lenders. Because lenders and banks have limits on how much they can offer to borrowers, large projects were financed through an amalgam of different loans. The drawback to that method is that multiple loans mean multiple monthly payments, each with its interest rates. Additionally, payments typically start a month after funding is secured. This can place a major strain on finances and force large projects to cut corners or settle for work that will “make do” instead of sticking to the original plan. In short, stitching together a bunch of smaller loans to carry out a large project can lead to greater debt and strained cash flow. Fortunately, there is a better method.

Large Balance Financing

When you need funding for a large project, you can get the capital you need from a single source. Large balance financing is designed specifically for big projects that exceed the limitations of banks and other lenders. From $10 million to over $5 billion in funding, large-balance financing can be scaled to fit the needs of any big project. Whether you are developing land to build a resort or gaming center, an industrial plant, a corporate campus, or something unique, large balance financing is a one-stop solution. Additionally, large balance financing is structured as a line of credit, so developers only pay on what they draw, while having a reserve to cover expenses at every stage of their projects.

Evolt Capital specializes in large-balance financing to cover the capital stack of developers who want to turn big and innovative projects into reality. If you need funding for your next project, contact Evolt Capital and ask about our large balance financing.